Vineconnect Ltd personnel specialise in healthcare and digital media. Their healthcare projects began in 2004 and in 2020 they branched out into digital media.

Vineconnect works with integrity across their portfolio of work.

In partnership with our interim agencies, Vineconnect personnel provide project management support to their healthcare clients. Healthcare Interim management is a specialised skill that requires integrity between the interim agency and its healthcare client. .At Vineconnect Ltd we always keep in mind the requirements of the client and work on a basis of trust and never break contracts.

When our personnel engage on healthcare projects, they will remain loyal to the contract until the client organisation feels that the project remit has changed and no further interim management support is required.

Our Digital Media consultants provide online branding expertise to businesses, that have an online presence and want to grow their brand and authority in their respective niche.

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Company numberĀ 05733771 Registered address: 19 Montpelier Ave, Bexley DA5 3AP